General Conditions
1. These conditions refer to a service agreement between WIND – Centro de Actividades de Montanha and the Customer.
2. The acceptance of a proposal of activity presupposes the knowledge and acceptance of these conditions.
3. These conditions of supply may be altered by contracts or agreements that may be entered into between Wind – Centro de Actividades de Montanha and the Customer.
4. This proposal is valid for 30 days.

WIND – Mountain Activities Center Responsabilities
1. Preparation and elaboration of the entire logistic part of the activity, before, during and after the activity.
2. To find with the Client, solutions or alternative dates to the activity, whenever for reasons beyond the WIND – Centro de Actividades de Montanha or to the Client, they cannot be implemented.
3. Carrying out the activity according to the presented proposal and ensure its proper functioning.
4. Present to the Client any additional costs if requested changes that are not contemplated in the initial proposal.

Customer Responsibilities
1. Provide the data relating to the number and name of the participants, as well as their date of birth, for the purpose of activating the personal accident insurance.
2. Ensure that all participants are in a healthy condition to participate in the activities to be developed.
3. If you do not authorize the use of audiovisual and photographic material captured during the activities, for promotional purposes of WIND – Centro de Actividades de Montanha, you must communicate this desire to the accompanying collaborator of the process.
4. The personal belongings brought by the participants to the activities are of their total responsibility, and WIND- Centro de Actividades de Montanha cannot be held liable for losses, theft or property damage.

Adjudication of Services and Payments
1. An activity shall be considered adjudicated when the customer completes the following procedures:
a) Delivery of a written document stating the intention to carry out the activity;
b) Payment of the financial award, in the amount of 30% of the final value of the activity or in full if it is informed by the WIND – Centro de Actividades de Montanha.
2. The remaining value of the activity (70%) may be paid up to the day of the activity or on the same day.
3. To make payments, you can use the following channels:
a) Bank transfer – For our account with IBAN: PT50 0033 0000 45347404068 05 (Wind from Samuel Lopes)
You should send the proof of payment by email to the accompanying collaborator of the process, or to
b) Check – Endorsed to: Samuel Lopes
Sent to: Rua Eduardo Mondelane, Lj 44, Baixa da Banheira (we are not responsible for mail lost, so we recommend sending by registered mail).
c) Cash – Only possible to pay the remaining value of the activity, and to be paid on the day of the activity.
4. WIND – Centro de Actividades de Montanha reserves the right to charge the agreed amount for the activity, even if there is an unforeseen reduction in the number of participants.
Likewise, it may deny the participation of more persons in the activity if they have not been foreseen for the purposes of proposal and insurance.

Cancellation, postponement and refunds
1. Other hypotheses of activity or different dates for carrying out the scheduled activity will be discussed, in the following situations:
(a) Adverse meteorological or hydrological conditions;
b) Reasons of force majeure such as wars, earthquakes, fires, …
c) Situations of an unforeseen nature, which may endanger the safety of the participants;
d) An absence of the minimum number of participants for the activity.
2. The cancellation of an activity after the payment of the award does not imply the return of this amount.
Each situation will be analyzed individually by WIND – Centro de Actividades de Montanha, in order to find a viable solution for both parties

1. WIND – Centro de Actividades de Montanha has civil liability insurance, which assumes damage to third parties, up to a value of 50 000 € per claim, according to Policy Number 095/00212326/004.
2. For each activity, a personal accident insurance shall be concluded for the participants.
3. The insurance presented by WIND – Centro de Actividades de Montanha is in compliance with Decree-Law no. 108/2009, art. 20º.