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Wind has several training centers around the country. Currently, there are delegations in the North, Center, and South of Continental Portugal, as well as Madeira Island – Funchal, and Azores – São Miguel Island.

We bet on the experience and quality of our instructors and monitors, in their training and permanent updating. Our instructors are accredited by the FPVL (Portuguese Federation of Free Flying)

Most awarded school in Portugal and organizer of meetings and national and international paragliding competitions, since 2004.


It is to fly using the natural forces and resorting to the strength of the pilot himself to take off and land.

It is considered as the most economical, easy and practical way to fly because in reality it offers facilities that are indisputable.

“Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.” Leonardo Da Vinci

Come and visit the Wind Paragliding School

We bet on the experience and quality of our instructors and monitors, in their training and permanent updating. Our instructors and instructors are accredited by the FPVL – Portuguese Federation of Free Flying.

Take the Challenge

Wind challenges you to discover new places, rewarded with breathtaking landscapes and unique emotions, allowing you to enjoy nature and adventure with total pleasure and safety. Try it and find yourself out a bit more!


Here you can get to know the programs and other information related to Paragliding at WIND.
Practice adventure sport accompanied by experienced professionals.

Pedagogical Tandem Flight

From North to South we always have someone close to you. Come to realize the dream of flying, in the company of our instructors and pilots accredited for the purpose.

Contact us! Find out where our instructors and students will be. Show up!

Workshop and paragliding class

You can try out an initial paragliding course, held in a beach area with low slopes, where you will make small controlled flights.

Paragliding Courses

School authorized to teach all Paragliding levels.

According to the Portuguese legislation it is necessary to obtain a flight license in order to fly paragliding. The responsibility for the attribution of this license is from the Portuguese Free Flight Federation (FPVL) by delegation from the National Civil Aviation Authority (ANAC). The FPVL fits a set of schools, such as WIND, and their instructors, enabling them to train pilot candidates. According to the Regulation of Titling and Instruction (RIT), the training is divided into 2 levels. Level 1 Course (Autonomous Pilot) and Level 2 Course (Advanced Training). The program and cost of each of the levels can be consulted below.

Paragliding Course Level 1

Paragliding initiation course, to obtain an autonomous pilot license, allowing to carry out dynamic and local ascending flights.

Advanced Training Level 2

Advanced flight training for Level 2, which allows for flights in thermal ascending and distance (XC flights)

Tandem Pilot Training

Training to obtain a tandem license, thus, being able to transport passengers in specific aircraft for this purpose.

School Delegations

Consult the delegations that WIND has in mainland Portugal and Islands.

Information request

Would you like to make your appointment over the phone? Call us! You can contact us between 9 and 20 hours every day of the week. Our phone number is (+351) 210 848 878.