Welcome to the Mountaineering section of WIND!

WIND gives you the opportunity to practice climbing, as well as other mountain modalities, having access to specific experiences and courses, according to your intention and need, taught by experienced and qualified instructors.


At present, the term mountaineering is used in a generic form to describe all the methods of a conquest of heights by the Man. Climbing, Rappelling, Trekking, are some of these modalities.

Come and meet the Wind Mountaineering School

We rely on the experience and quality of our monitors and auxiliary technicians, in their training and permanent updating. Our instructors are accredited by the National School of Mountaineering – Federation of Camping and Mountaineering of Portugal.

Take the Challenge

Wind challenges you to reach new heights, rewarding you with breathtaking scenery and unique emotions allowing you to enjoy the mountain with total pleasure and safety.


Here you can get to know better some of the sports activities offered by Wind.
Practice adventure sport accompanied by experienced professionals.

Climbing Experience

Come learn to climb with us and enjoy vertigo through a technically advanced and secure practice. It is the practice of sports in contact with nature from an educational perspective.

Adventure Circuit

Splendorous landscapes in places that few know and that is why they remain wild, showing a new and different perspective of the interior of the mountain.

This circuit gives you the opportunity to appreciate all these landscapes, combining the adventure and adrenaline involved in nature.

Rappel Circuit

The landscapes are splendid, both inside the crevice and in places that few know, where we get a different perspective of the Serra da Arrábida.

The activity takes place inside the Fenda, which is a beautiful place with a microclimate of its own.

Wind Mountaineering Courses

Climbing Initiation Course

Learning, adventure, and landscapes to cut the breath that’s what awaits you in this course!

Come learn rope techniques and enjoy all that the Serra da Arrábida can offer you!

Winter Training Initiation Course

Snow, Ice, Mountain? Is this what you are looking for? This course will give you everything you need to learn about progression in the snow, ice, etc …

Rope Techniques Course

Want to learn more about how to overcome obstacles by recurring to ropes? So sign up now!

Rappel Course

Do you want a mountain course but not very intensive and more general? So this is what you are looking for!

A course where you will learn a little bit of everything but focused on vertical rope descent technique.


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