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We provide you the opportunity to explore the bottom of the oceans. With our team, you can share unforgettable experiences, discovering places and landscapes of rare beauty. You will always be supported and supervised by our team of experienced guides and instructors


Breathing underwater was once a fantasy for humans. Today, diving is no longer just imagination and has become a world-class sport with millions of fans. Those who practice it are granted access to a mysterious but beautiful world, and each dive is an adventure through the unknown.

“A world of silence, calm, mystery, respect and friendship.” Jacques Cousteau

Come and meet the Wind Diving School

We bet on the experience and quality of our instructors, guides, technicians and assistants, in their training and permanent updating. Our instructors and guides are accredited by the PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors).

Accept the challenge

Wind challenges you to discover new places, rewarded with breathtaking landscapes and unique emotions, allowing you to enjoy nature and adventure with total pleasure and safety. Try it and find yourself out a bit more!


Here you can find out more about the programs and other information related to Diving at WIND.
Practice Adventure sport and Nature Exploration.

Try Scuba-Diving

In the Marine Park Prof. Luiz Saldanha (Serra da Arrábida – Sesimbra), baptisms can be performed from the beach or by boat. Always accompanied by a certified instructor/divemaster, this is the best way to experience the underwater world to a maximum depth of 6m.

Open Water Diver Course

This is the base course that allows diving autonomously, with PADI certification recognized all over the world. It is divided into five theoretical modules, four practical modules in the pool and four dives in the sea.

The Open Water Diver certification allows dives up to 18m deep.

After the course:

Wind run dive trips every weekend and sometimes also during the week. Organizes dives in Sesimbra, as well as in the rest of the continent and islands.

There are dive centers all over the world, each with several diving sites, features and distinct points of interest. Discover various underwater worlds in Portugal and abroad in a personal way or integrated into a Wind Tour.

Advanced Scuba-Diving Course

Advanced Open Water Diver

After some diving experience, the next step could be an advanced training.

The Advanced Open Water Diver course aims to improve diving skills and techniques. The qualification is gained through five adventure dives in different areas: orienteering; deep diving (up to 30m); search and retrieval; night dive; diving in a wreck.

Emergency First Response - Primary and Secondary Care

For those who want to acquire more knowledge at the first and second aid level, this course is the result of the most recent innovations in terms of emergency response and provides the basic knowledge that anyone diver or non-diver from any age or status, should have as part of their civic education.

Rescue Diver

Rescue Diver course. Perhaps the most challenging and rewarding course in the world of diving.

Essential for anyone who wants to go head in a diving career, preparing them to prevent and manage problem. For some is the best PADI course.


If you are looking to take your first steps as a professional diver, your adventure begins here! In this course you will have the opportunity to expand your theoretical knowledge and improve your diving techniques to a professional level. This course also develops your leadership skills, qualifying you to supervise diving activities and assist instructors with diving students.

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