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WIND gives you the opportunity to practice caving, as well as other sports/adventure disciplines, having access to specific experiences and courses, depending on your intention and need. The training and integration are carried out by monitors certified by the Portuguese Federation of Caving, experienced and with high technical qualification.


Caving is the discipline devoted to the study of caves, as well as the means or techniques proper to their study. However, the same term is also used to designate the sporting component of cave hunting in a recreational environment.

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We rely on the experience and quality of our monitors, technicians and auxiliaries, in their training and permanent updating. Our monitors are accredited by the Portuguese Caving Federation.

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Wind challenges you to discover new places, rewarded with breathtaking landscapes and unique emotions, allowing you to enjoy nature and adventure with total pleasure and safety.


Here you can find information about Caving programs in Wind.
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Caving Experiences

Come to the discovery of the wonderful underground world, where time seems to stop, day and night merge and in total darkness we discover another way of seeing. This is the scenario that you can expect when visiting our Natural Park of Serra da Arrábida, in the company of the first Portuguese speleologist to visit the largest cave in the world (Son Doong).

Beginners Course in Caving - Level 1

In this course it is intended that the participants acquire basic knowledge of progression in cave and code of environmental preservation in the cave environment.

Caving Course- Level 2

This training forms the level 2 of speleologist, with theoretical and practical knowledge of cave progression, several scientific aspects of the discipline as well as the code of environmental preservation in the cave environment.

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