Canoeing and Rafting

We offer you the opportunity to practice sport and adventure descending and exploring rivers with our team, you can share unforgettable experiences, discovering places and landscapes of rare beauty in the rivers of the South and the sea, in our Costa Azul.

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There are various levels of difficulty and access to various experiences, depending only on your imagination, intention and need. You will always be supported and supervised by our team of experienced guides and teachers.

Thousands have lived without love, not one without water.
Canoeing and Rafting

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Wind challenges you to surpass sequences of rapids, and funny drops in dams, alternating with breathtaking and calm landscapes, which are characteristic of the rivers of plain, will have singular emotions allowing you to enjoy the rivers of the South with total pleasure and safety.

Surely, you will not be indifferent to this challenge and Adventure in Nature, where sharing and teamwork are essential to get to the end … try it and find yourself out a bit more!

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