We provide you the opportunity to explore the bottom of the oceans. With our team, you can share unforgettable experiences, discovering places and landscapes of rare beauty. You will always be supported and supervised by our team of experienced guides and instructors.

Wind instructors and divemasters are certified by the most prestigious training organizations worldwide, namely by PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) and SSI (Scuba Schools International).

Also counting our Director of the Diving School Rúdi Lopes with participation in scientific expeditions like MARBIS - for the development of the EMEPC Project (Maritime Structure for the extension of the continental shelf).

And also with participation in voluntary trips to desert islands in northern Madagascar to monitor marine species, clean reefs and categorize endogenous species.

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Wind challenges you to discover new places, rewarded with breathtaking landscapes and unique emotions, allowing you to enjoy nature and adventure with total pleasure and safety. Try it and find yourself out a bit more!

A world of silence, calm, mystery, respect and friendship.
Jacques Cousteau

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Wind challenges you to reach new heights, rewarding you with breathtaking scenery and unique emotions allowing you to enjoy the mountain with total pleasure and safety.

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